TOGO is seeking a Consultant to create a 5–7-year Strategic Plan as a road map to better serve its mission to promote transportation options and a balanced transportation system for current and future transportation landscapes. The Consultant will develop a series of recommended goals, objectives, strategies, and actions for the organization that cover shorter (3-5 year) and longer-term (5-7 year) time frames.

TOGO Background

TOGO is a nonprofit organization created by transportation options professionals in the late 1990s. TOGO’s leadership consists of a Board of Directors and Officers, all of whom voluntarily serve the organization. Funding is through annual member dues. TOGO’s mission is to promote transportation options and balanced transportation systems across Oregon through advocacy, programming, policies, and services. Further information about TOGO can be accessed at

Closing Date and Time. All Proposals must be received by 5 pm on or before February 16, 2024 (“Closing Date and Time”).

Click the link below to access the Request for Proposals and Scope of Work Document.

TOGO Strategic Plan Request for Proposals Due Feb. 16

SECTION 2: Proposer Submittal and Other Requirements

Contact information: Proposer must submit the name and title of its primary contact regarding this RFP, the business name, the primary address, the primary contact’s telephone, and email.

Response length: Responses to questions listed in the Google Form shall be no longer than 5 pages each.

Project Approach: Proposer must submit an overview of a proposed project approach and high-level timeline, which may deviate from the proposed approach listed in the RFP.

Budget: Proposer shall provide a total price for goods and services. Project amount is not-to-exceed $12,000. Budget should include non-reoccurring expenses such as travel.

Submittal: Proposer shall submit responses to a short questionnaire that can be accessed at For questions, please contact Derek Hofbauer, TOGO Board Member and Communications Committee Chair, at [email protected].