Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council/Cascades East Transit is hiring a Transportation Director Click here to apply!

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council/Cascades East Transit is hiring a Transportation Director. Visit https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/coic? and select Transportation Director to apply for this position. Details are below:


The Transportation Director is responsible for all aspects of COIC transportation programs including Cascades East Transit (CET). Oversee all Transportation Department planning, operations, development, budgeting and staffing; ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency. Oversee development of transportation options that create a strong transportation system to meet the growing needs of the region.  Provide regional leadership on transportation issues, and develops partnerships and support for all CET programs.


Operations Management

  • Develop and implement management policies and practices for efficient and cost-effective transportation operations;
  • Mentor, guide and oversee the work of supervisors/managers;
  • Participate in union contract negotiations; ensure productive interaction with union representatives;
  • Manage department contracts and subcontracts;
  • Ensure efficient and effective staff management and staff development;
  • Manage planning, data, and technology functions;
  • Research and implement new transportation options to meet growing regional needs.

Budget and System Planning

  • Oversee the development of program and transportation departmental budgets; ensure all programs operate within established budget;
  • Oversee grant writing and grant management activities;
  • Develop appropriate short and long term plans for the build-out and financing of the transportation systems;
  • Ensure financial systems and procedures meet funder requirements and are consistent with applicable OMB Circulars and other statutory requirements.

Statewide Activities

  • Engage with state-level discussions and committees/workgroups that impact transit funding and policies.

Outreach and Partnership Development; Develop and Maintain Regional Support for COIC Transportation Programs

  • Ensure an active and engaged regional Public Transit Advisory Committee is in place to provide feedback on CET services and policies;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local governments; communicate to local/regional leadership the value of the CET systems, and solicit/secure local funding allocations to support a strong transportation system;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with regional partners, including organizations representing transit-dependent populations, transit, and mobility options advocacy organizations, businesses, and city/county planning departments;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key funding agencies, including ODOT Public Transit Division, ODOT Region 4, Coordinated Care Organizations, and Department of Human Services. Ensure organizational responsiveness;
  • Ensure regular, ongoing communication with transit stakeholders and the public.


  • Broad-based and detailed knowledge of transportation and transit service development principles and practices;
  • Ability to manage a large and complex operations system;
  • Working knowledge of transit operations, project management, budgeting practices, labor relations, strategic planning, and employee development and supervision;
  • Ability to identify, develop, and maintain strategic relationships/contacts with local, regional, and national public agency, non-profit and private industry managers;
  • Work independently and effectively under pressure without close supervision;
  • Communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships and work as a team;
  • Demonstrated public speaking and presentation skills;
  • Exhibit courtesy and professionalism to represent COIC in a manner that will maintain and promote the positive reputation of the organization;
  • Exercise discretion in confidential matters;
  • Ability to effectively instruct and direct staff by assigning, reviewing, and checking work;
  • Ability to identify overall work objectives and priorities, and plan and carry out projects based on such.